• IN 1964

    In 1964,  China’s first cashmere sweater was produced.  

  • In1965, the company officially registered the trademark “snow-lotus”which represents purity, white, naturalism and authenticity. The era of snow-lotus cashmere started

    IN 1965
  • IN 1970

    In the 1970s, the late Prime Minister Zhou Enlai was  always wearing Snow-louts cashmere sweater during his important diplomacy activities. Snow-lotus cashmere sweater was accompanying him until the end of his glorious life.

  • In 1977, Snow-lotus established China’s first cashmere producing and processing vertical factory-“Beijing Cashmere Sweater Factory”. This created the legend of the “Best Cashmere factory in Asia”!

    IN 1977
  • IN 1980

    At the beginning of the 1980s’ Snow-lotus helped many enterprises including Erods, Kingdeer, Tianshan established their factories. Snow-lotus imparted its mature technology to them and trained their technology, management and operating staff. This has helped accelerate the development of China’s cashmere industry.

  • In 1995, Snow-lotus achieved a technology breakthrough! It then passed the authorization and the audit of ISO9001 Quality System and became one of the few enterprises that had passed the National quality Assurance System of the wool spinning industry

    IN 1995
  • IN 2000

    On Dec.28th, 2000, Beijing Snow-lotus Cashmere Co., Ltd held its grand unveiling ceremony in the great Hall of the people in Beijing.

  • On Nov 8th, 2004 Beijing Snow-lotus Cashmere Co., Ltd arranged Ribbon-cutting ceremony for its new factory in Daxing Yinghai Industry Park. The CEO of Dawson International PLC high praised the new factory: “the Snow–lotus factory is a world-class factory”

    IN 2004
  • IN 2008

    On March28th,2008 , Snow-lotus successfully invited international Movie star Bingbing Li to endorse its products and aimed to lead the fashion. With the development of the brand, Snow-lotus had attracted many international top fashion designers such as George Simmonton, Lan Qinghui and Lane Juillien to join the company. They worked collaboratively with Domestic fashion designers to create the legend of “Soft Gold ”

  • The team of Snow-lotus believes in the idea of “change and innovation”. The team is dedicated to creating a four season women’s clothing brand, providing better customer service and maintaining the high quality of the Snow-lotus products and keeping Snow-lotus shinning all the seasons